Woodburning Fireplace Inserts

We install all inserts according to manufactures standards and the NFPA code.  Our inserts are the perfect heating solution to replace and update drafty masonry fireplaces.

Oakdale EPI3C

EPI3C with Contemporary Front, Painted Black Finish

Oakdale EPI3T

EPI3T with Traditional Front, Painted Black Finish

Oakdale EPI3TN

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Our Most Popular Insert in Action!

Heat your entire home

Our Certified Chimney Sweeps install all woodburning inserts according to NFPA code and manufacturers requirements.

Be more energy efficient

With 55,000 BTU's you can heat up to 1,500 sq ft of your home more efficiently than ever!

Easy To Use

Highly Efficient

Lifetime Warranty

Professionally Installed

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