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We at Custom Masonry employ our certified chimney sweeps and offer high-quality services to inspect, repair and protect your chimney and fireplace. Keeping your chimney clean and running properly is important and minimizes the risk of chimney fires. With every job, we provide the in-depth care and attention each person deserves. Our staff cleaners is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

We take pride in our work and take every opportunity to go above and beyond your expectations. In addition to chimney maintenance and repairs, we provide you peace of mind knowing that your fireplace and chimney are clean and running safely. Our goal is to provide exceptional work at competitive rates and the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. 

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Chimney fires happen when combustible material in your chimney catches fire. Flammable substances, including soot and creosote, may build up on the chimney flue as you burn wood. The sides of the chimney are significantly cooler than the fireplace, where combustible material is burnt. The material may start to cool as it rises, sticking to the flue’s sides.

These combustible materials are only partially burnt, meaning if they get hot enough, they can catch fire again. A chimney fire can severely damage the chimney flue, which is not designed to withstand the high temperatures of an open flame. In severe cases, chimney fire flames can spread to the roof or house itself, leaving behind costly repairs and creating an unsafe environment for your loved ones.
There are two types of chimney fires — fast-burning and slow-burning. Both can be dangerous and cause severe damage. While fast-burning fires are often easy to notice, slow-burning fires can be just as destructive. One of the most hazardous aspects of a slow-burning fire is that it can go unnoticed, worsening and potentially spreading to other parts of the home. Understanding the basic signs of fast-burning and slow-burning fires can help keep you and your family safe.

While you may think a chimney fire is always easy to recognize, it largely depends on what type of fire you might be dealing with.
If you notice flaming material or loose soot and ash falling from the chimney, you may be experiencing a chimney fire.

Fast-burning chimney fires occur rapidly and are, for the most part, extremely obvious as the fire consumes any combustible or flammable material present in the chimney flue. These fires are dangerous and spread quickly, making it incredibly important to call emergency services as soon as you suspect one to prevent further spread and property damage.

Some of the most common fast-burning fire signs include:

Thick smoke: Chimney fires often cause dense, thick smoke to roll out the top of the chimney. In some cases, this thick smoke may even enter your home by traveling down the chimney flue and exiting through the fireplace. If you can’t see the smoke, you might be able to smell it or feel a burning in your sinuses. Smoke may also leave behind a soot-like residue on surfaces.

Loud noises: Chimney flues may make noises during a chimney fire. You may hear a popping or crackling noise coming from inside, or even a loud roaring noise similar to a freight train.

Flaming material from the chimney: In many cases, small pieces of debris — like a buildup of creosote or other flammable material — fall down the chimney as they burn. If you notice flaming material or loose soot and ash falling from the chimney, you may be experiencing a chimney fire.

Strong odor: Another sign of a chimney fire is a strong order or intensely hot aroma entering your home. This smell is especially noticeable if you can still smell it after putting the fire out, indicating a fire continuing within the chimney.
A slow-burning chimney fire occurs when flammable or combustible material builds within the chimney flue. There, it can become hot enough to catch fire but lack enough oxygen or fuel to burn quickly. Slow-burning fires can be just as dangerous as fast-burning fires — possibly even more so, as they often go unnoticed until they’ve caused extensive damage. 

Some of the most common signs of a slow-burning chimney fire include:

Creosote flakes: If you notice flakes, shards or pieces of creosote on the ground, within the firebox or on the roof, this may be a sign of a slow-burning chimney fire. There may also be pieces of creosote that look like honeycomb or are fluffy.

Damaged flue tiles: A chimney fire may also damage flue tiles, causing cracks or breakage. You may see a discolored or disfigured rain cap or chimney cap.

Heat damage: Many property owners notice cracks in the masonry on the chimney’s exterior or the roof shingles and vents. Other signs of possible heat damage are melting or warping on the antenna or satellite dish near the chimney.

Smoke escaping from chimney sides: Slow-burning fires may cause smoke to escape through the sides of the chimney, indicating damage or cracks inside the chimney flue that may have developed due to internal fire.

Discolored components: You may notice warped or discolored metal components, indicating that they have been subjected to intense heat, typically from a chimney fire. Never touch a metal component if you suspect a fire.
Avoiding chimney fires in the first place is one of the most effective ways to stay safe and minimize the risk of damage. Routine fireplace and chimney inspection services can detect potential debris buildup that may result in a chimney fire. Professional chimney cleaning can also help break apart and remove creosote and soot buildup that leads to chimney fires.

If you have noticed signs of a potential chimney fire, dial 911 for emergency assistance. Following a chimney fire, you may require chimney lining repair or chimney cap services. A fireplace and chimney smoke inspection can determine if there is an issue within your chimney that may increase the risk of a chimney fire. Finally, masonry repair services can restore a fireplace and chimney after damage.
Call 911, if you suspect you are having a flue fire.  If you have or suspect you have had a flue fire contact us at 816-322-7711.  Our experienced staff can assist you through the process.  We can get you an estimate on all repairs and assist you with your insurance to make sure you receive the best service.
Why Choose Custom Masonry as Your Chimney Expert?

Keep Your Home Safe

Chimney Cleanings and Inspections are vital to keep your home and family safe.
Your fireplace should be cleaned per every cord of wood burned. It should be inspected yearly.

Prevent a Flue Fire

Don’t let a flue fire happen to you. If you have had or suspect you had a flue fire it is often covered by insurance. We will work with your insurance to get it repaired and back to fully functioning.

Masonry Restoration

Our skilled masons will restore the masonry project you need to looking better than before.  In addition to chimneys we do all other brick, stone, and block work during the spring and summer.

CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep

Our Chimney Sweeps have the knowledge base from the only accredited Chimney Sweep association in the U.S.  All inspections are performed by one of our Certified Chimney Sweeps.

Chimney Cleanings

We thoroughly clean your firebox and flue to remove any build up of creosote without any mess left behind.
Our cleanings always include an inspection to make sure it is safe to use.

Level II Inspections

Our Chimney Technician will check all aspects of your fireplace and chimney.
You will receive a chimney condition report based on NFPA Codes and Standards with photos that day. 

Chimney Sweep & Tech
Kyle has been working with Custom Masonry for over 10 years. He does inspections and repairs. He is an CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep.
Badge #10732

Chimney Sweep & Mason
Jason has been working in the Hearth Industry for over 25 years. He does estimates and inspections. He is an CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep.
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We take great pride in our work. Our staff treats each customer with professionalism and respect.  We strive to give you the confidence to ensure your home and family are safe.

Chimney Cleanings

Your chimney should be cleaned per cord of wood burned.

Camera Inspections

Fireplaces should be inspected yearly by a Certified Chimney Sweep.

Stainless Caps

Chimney Caps keep the rain, animals and debris out of your chimney.

Top Mount Dampers

A chimney damper seals the chimney airtight when not in use.

Masonry Crowns

Crown cover the top top of the chimney, often crack and need to be repaired. 

Gas Logs

Don't like burning wood, gas logs are an easy and convinient alternative.

Woodburning Inserts

Woodburning Inserts are a great way to heat your home and save on your energy bill.

Stainless Steel Liner

Prevent the heat & flames from spreading to nearby combustible materials.


We take great pride in our work. Our staff treats each home like their own. We are reliable, friendly, and trustworthy, ensuring that your home is safe.

Jason and the team at Custom Masonry were AMAZING. They were quick, clean, punctual, easy to work with, and Jason even made himself available off-hours (several times) to answer my million questions and to make sure I was fully informed about the work. The team was polite, communicative, and did great work - cannot say enough good things about this company. HIGHLY recommend!

Britt FrankBritt Frank

The owner Jason came over to do my inspection and was very friendly, very professional, and took the time to show me the scope camera and give me a good explanation of everything...answering all my questions. That's better than I have been getting for 17 years. And he found issues that other people either ignored or overlooked. He even gave me advice if I decided to talk to other people or get second opinions on what he found. His prices were clear from the start, and he truly is a local company. Plus he is using Internet payments through Square...didn't need to seek out a checkbook or anything. His estimates are delivered online and you can do all scheduling online, and choose to be contacted via phone or text or email. I'm gonna make this guy my yearly inspector, and have him do the work to make my fireplace right.

David KierasDavid Kieras

Jason was great! He came out and was super professional. I was having the inspection done on a rental property and he walked me through all of the details of what the management company had done prior to us moving in. Wonderful experience and definitely worth the piece of mind to understand the condition of the fireplace prior to use! Would highly recommend!

Eric McGraneEric McGrane

I highly recommend them for their customer service and work etiquette and the quality of work, the owner Jason was very hands on throughout the entire process, he was willing to education my claims rep, and answer any questions she had. My husband and I are completely satisfied with the work that was done

Kathy BriggsKathy Briggs

Just had Kyle at my home to inspect and clean my 2 chimney's and he was very professional and knowledgeable. I've just purchased my home and knew nothing about chimney care or even how to work it. Kyle was helpful and did a great job. Very courteous to ensure my carpet was covered before beginning. Highly recommend Custom Masonry! Will definitely be reaching out in the future for my chimney needs.

Brandi MoodyBrandi Moody

"Jason and the team at Custom Masonry were AMAZING. They were quick, clean, punctual, easy to work with, and Jason even made himself available off-hours (several times) to answer my million questions and to make sure I was fully informed about the work. The team was polite, communicative, and did great work - cannot say enough good things about this company. HIGHLY recommend!"

Britt FrankBritt Frank

Testimonial 2

John SmithJohn SmithCEO

"I was negotiating a real estate contract and in a bit of a time crunch but Jason was able to work me in on short notice to do a chimney inspection. He was thorough with his explanation of the scope of work, explained further maintenance items that needed to be addressed, and gave me estimates quickly. I recommend Custom Masonry and will certainly use them again in the future."

Jessica SharpJessica Sharp

I just want start with saying best customer service ever! Kyle was extremely knowledgeable, straight shooter, was able to work quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking for a company to help with your fireplace (inspection and cleaning) he’s your guy. Can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the service. Thank you guys and especially thank you Kyle for such great work.

Steven EverettSteven Everett

Getting ready for your chimney sweeping appointment is simple:


  • Avoid having a fire for at least 24 hours prior to your appointment
  • Move furniture or any breakable items away from the area around your stove or fireplace — about six to eight feet
  • Confine your pets in another room, away from the work area


Your chimney sweep should take about an hour to complete the job, and you can expect your technician to:


  • Inspect accessible portions of your chimney’s interior and exterior
  • Inspect factory-built units for cracks
  • Sweep your chimney with special brushes
  • Check your chimney liner for cracks, gaps and missing joints
  • Scrub your chimney’s smoke chamber, smoke shelf and damper with hand tools
  • Sweep the firebox and clear any ash
  • Remove and brush the grate
  • Check for any fire safety hazards

We have over 25 years of experience serving Missouri and Kansas including: Kansas City, Independence, Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Raytown, Leawood, Overland Park, Shawnee, Bonner Spring, Belton, Raymore, Liberty, Cass County, Johnson County, Jackson County, Bates County, Miami County, Clay County & Platte County. Experience, quality, price and credentials make Custom Masonry the best choice when selecting a chimney care professional in the Kansas City area.


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