LEvel II Chimney Inspection

It’s been common practice for many years for chimney sweeps to rely on a flashlight and their feelings when inspecting a chimney. We believe chimney inspections are too important a job not to be done right. The only truly effective way to see inside your chimney — and to find any hidden problems — is to use the cutting-edge chimney camera known as a Level II Chimney Inspection.

We use the Chim-Scan® camera system to properly inspect your chimney. This is a first-rate tool when it comes to locating problem areas, leaks and voids within your chimney that would otherwise go unseen, and, if left untreated, could strongly affect your chimney’s ability to do its job and keep your home and family safe. These industry-leading tools can also verify that your chimney flue is free of soot and debris, and that it’s ready to properly vent harmful gases and soot. And we’re able to record and document the results of your inspection to share with you.

Level II Chimney Inspection